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Your website is arguably your most important marketing asset, but it’s not enough to just HAVE one. Your website should be your 24/7 sales representative, and if it isn’t churning out leads and sales, you need a redesign.

To put it simply, the way your website looks and functions matters to your bottom line. Your website should be beautiful, thoughtfully laid out, and conversion-focused.

MRN Web Designs, a professional website redesigning agency North Carolina, can help you achieve this easily. When we redesign your website, our primary goal is to improve your bottom line. Your new site will get you more traffic, drive more leads, and ultimately increase your revenue. Have a look at our services and work to get started! Scroll down to view some of our redesign projects , or contact us below to get started!

Staying Up-To-Date With Trending Website Designs

It is no secret that your website makes a huge impression on people. This is why it is crucial to make an impression that will last and be engaging. The internet is full of competitor websites that are trying to reel in potential business. With MRN Web Designs, your website redesign will make you stand out and generate sales.

Making your website clean, professional, and mobile-friendly is our goal. Since 75% of consumers use their phones to shop, having a website that looks appealing on a mobile device is important now more than ever. We also know the importance of search engine optimization. We do this by determining the needs of the consumer you are trying to reach. Some examples of our strategies for web development are:

How We Keep Your Site Updated

You are busy managing your business, and we know this. That’s why leaving the website redesign to us will benefit you in the long run. MRN Web Designs keeps your website up to date with these web design and development steps to promote your business effortlessly, so you can focus on other things. These steps include:

We are constantly conducting research for the most impactful website design. Servicing businesses of many sizes and types, implementation is second nature for us. There are so many websites out there distracting potential traffic, so it is important that we learn what attracts people the most.

Website redesign needs to be constantly maintained. We will do this for you, so your other business management needs don’t go unserviced. Your website is a direct reflection of your business. We’ll take care of optimizing your website to drive your sales and traffic.


Confero is a leading provider of customer research services to leading national brands, multi-unit and independent growth companies. It had been several years since they had done an overall website update and their site was not mobile friendly and needed a more organized, user friendly experience. Confero is a leading provider of customer research services to leading national brands, multi-unit and independent growth companies. It had been several years since they had done an overall website update and their site was not mobile friendly and needed a more organized, user friendly experience.

Welcome Credit Union

Welcome Federal Credit Union needed a complete redesigned ADA compliant website. MRN worked with the client to develop a new navigation structure, focusing on rates and loan types. There is a message banner at the top, GDPR compliancy, ADA compliancy, account login links and rates that can be easily updated by the client.


Porticos is a growing engineering product development company who wanted an updated website design and a better way to showcase their breadth of services and projects they have worked on. We provided a complete custom website redesign on the Wordpress platform. Our team continues to provide plugin updates, website maintenance and digital marketing services.
Porticos Redesigned Website
porticos original website

The Carying Place

This is a nonprofit that we support. In order to promote them, we designed and developed a custom website for them that showcased their services of assisting homeless working families. Further, we integrated videos, social media feeds and blogs to make the website more engaging and functional.
Carying place after
Carying Place Before

Patel Consultants

This client had an outdated website that was not mobile-friendly, did not have an SSL certificate and used Flash components which are not compatible with Google Chrome or Safari. We designed a custom WordPress site, showcasing their services and clients. Our team continues to provide monthly WordPress platform and plugin updates to maintain their site’s security and stability.
Patel Consultants
Patel Consultants

Amish Mike

Amish Mike is a long-standing client with MRN Web Designs, and we continually work to keep his website updated with fresh content and images. We also conduct SEO and AdWords campaigns to help grow his business and fortunately it has been very successful!.
Amish Mike Redesign
Amish Mike Website Redesign

TRM, Inc

This client had an outdated website in Joomla that was not mobile responsive. They wanted a better way to showcase their services with new content and images. Our team of website designers delivered a beautiful website that has enhanced their credibility and business.
TRM Home Page
TRM Old Home Page

Rescue Lawn Care

Rescue Lawn Care had an outdated Joomla website. They wanted a website that was easier to update content and display their services with attractive pictures. MRN Web Designs provided a custom WordPress site with images, testimonials, service pages.
Rescue Lawn Care Thumbnail
RRescue Lawn Care- Old site-min

Mike Lockhart

Mike Lockhart Construction had a website that was a few years old and not mobile-friendly. MRN provided a complete custom website redesign that was fully responsive and has a project portfolio showcasing the beautiful screened porches, bathrooms and kitchens that they build. We are also conducting a Google AdWords campaign on this site to increase client leads month over month.
mike lockhart after
Mike Lockhart Old Home Page

Empower and Help

Empower and Help needed assistance in website redesigning that would include an event calendar, ability to register and pay online for classes, payment integration and online shop. MRN provided a custom WordPress design with several different online forms and a shopping cart.
empower and help home page
Empower and Help Old Site


This client wanted a better designed website to start a new online pharmacy. MRN provided a custom designed WordPress website.
PharmacyNC - redesigned website
Old Site- Pharmacy NC


TRM provides the right technology for your growing business. We take great pride in exploring innovative ways to apply our knowledge, practical experience, and market trends to solve problems, reduce costs, and deliver bottom and top line results in the NC market.
TRM Old Home Page
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