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Quick Contact


From Amish Mike:

I really wanted to thank you for teaching us how to do changes and add ons to our website.  It looks awesome!

Thanks again, your the best!


MRN Web Designs Testimonial by HTV Media Productions

Hi, its Ron, from HTV Media Productions. I’d like to spend a minute talking about MRN Web Designs. These were the folks that helped us get our website up to market, up to speed, up to the point that we were satisfied with what we had to show the world. Prior this we had an antiquated website that we simply just didn’t have enough time to devote modifying this website. MRN was not only good technically, but they were good on the personal level in talking to us, getting back to us on their thoughts on the information and on the different media we sent to them. They helped advise us on which ones to go with and which ones not to go with as far as pictures and video and the like. I can’t really say enough about how well they responded to our needs and just really highly recommend MRN Web Designs. Thank you so much for a job well done!


From TBL Plastics:

“Suzanne from MRN Web Design is very knowledgeable, creative and is a pleasure to work with. MRN completely redesigned our website, giving us a more user friendly and mobile optimized layout that not only looks great, but it was also built with key SEO elements in mind. The new site is coded robustly and lean and looks incredible. This project with Suzanne has been a huge success for our company. I highly recommend Suzanne and MRN Web Design for those looking to build and market a new website.” – Chris Ray, Technical Sales Manager -TBL Performance Plastics

From Wendy Stanton Wendy Stanton

Social Media Marketing Professional

Suzanne Jeska has an amazing sense of style in her web designs. She brings her fresh outlook creating a contemporary web presence while keeping the flavor and identity of her clients. Her technical expertise give the designs a solid bakbone and her SEO research makes sure the websites remain relevant and visible.