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Social Media Management Services

According to researchers, in 2016, 78 percent of U.S. Americans had a social media profile. So it’s safe to say social media sites are a good place to market to clients and potential clients. However, using social media for your business is more than posting, tweeting, or pinning. Your social media activity should have a purpose, a goal – to drive website traffic, generate sales leads, engage customer conversation, or show the heart of your company. To accomplish your goal, you need to start with a strategy and finish with results.

A three-month strategy allows you to determine what social media outlets get the best results for your company.

Introductory Three-Month Package:

The package includes:

  1.  Strategy
    • Client Meeting – we will determine your social media goal and brainstorm post ideas.
    • Written campaign strategy
    • Message development
    • Three-month calendar
  2. Posting
    • Post design – 12 total original posts to deliver strategic messaging, one posted each week
    • Two additional weekly ‘shared’ posts from other outlets
    • Posting/Scheduling
  3. Monitoring
    • Review and respond to comments
    • Reporting issues to client
  4. Analysis
    • Monthly review of activity and updating calendar/strategy if necessary
    • End-of-Campaign results** **Two weeks before the end of the first three months, we will review results and strategize next steps.

Additional social media services:
• Additional original posts
• Account building (getting more Likes, Hearts, Followers).
• Stock photos
• Social media photo campaigns:  depending on length of contest, and promotion and follow-up desired.
• Social media advertisements (ex. Facebook Boosts): determined by client budget