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Domain Names

At MRN Web Designs, we will work with you to find out if your chosen domain name is available or taken. We can reserve your domain name, if available, or, if reserved, see if any new extensions are available. We advise our clients that the first step to launching a website is to secure your domain or web address. When customers want to find your business on the web is the first place they look and your domain should be as close to your business namedomain name as possible.

If you are a new business owner, we advise you to check what domains are available before naming and branding your business. We can help you find out if the domain name you want is taken, and if it already is, who owns it in case you want to try and buy the domain from the owner.

Once you have a domain name, we can set up email accounts associated with your domain.


MRN Web Designs provides both shared and dedicated hosting services. Our shared hosting services are have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and unlimited email accounts. Your data is secure and your site will be up 99.9% of the time.

Our dedicated servers are completely private, fully managed, and easily scalable. You get extremely powerful processors, ample quanities of RAM, and high performance storage systems.

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