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Strategic Blogging Pays Dividends

Do you have a great website, but just don’t have the time to blog?  Research has shown strategic blogging pays dividends, helps your potential clients find you and refer to you as an industry expert.

First, the Data for your blog

Our Strategy for Effective Blogging 

Every blog post is well researched and includes things like facts, statistics, data, an expert opinion, etc. Then, we create a Visual Asset—a custom featured image (not a stock photo)—that illustrates a fact in the blog.

Online publishers prefer to reference factual, outstanding content that’s supported with an interesting visual. In fact, we have publishing partners—independent community newspaper websites—that link to your blogs when editorially appropriate (part of our Featured News service).

The Dividends

Whether you want to blog daily, 4 times a month or once a month, MRN Web Designs can help you! You can write some of your own blogs and also incorporate ours into your monthly schedule, especially if your intention is to blog regularly and you fall behind.  You will at least have ours regularly scheduled.

Contact MRN Web Designs for a free keyword analysis and blog topic discussion so that we can help you take the pressure off of you and your business to blog regularly.  We will work with you to put together a plan that is achievable and within your budget!



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