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A North Carolina Web-Design Company Designed Around You

If you’ve been searching for a full-service web-design company, you are in the right place. Founded in 2007 by Suzanne Jeska, MRN Web Designs isn’t a cookie-cutter, template-driven design firm. We offer a comprehensive range of marketing and design services that work together in lockstep, with engaging messaging, a beautiful aesthetic, and data-driven SEO that grab your visitors’ attention, ignite their curiosity, and become a powerful catalyst for action.

Do you need website marketing services? Here are some common reasons customers turn to MRN Web Designs (and why you should turn to us, too!):

  • Your website hasn’t been updated in three to five years
  • Your website isn’t optimized for use on all devices
  • Your website doesn’t work right on certain browsers
  • Your site isn’t secure and/or has outdated plugins
  • You’ve updated your messaging or your business offerings
  • Your messaging feels stale or outdated
  • Sales are flat or, worse, are going down
  • Your site isn’t a match for your competitors
  • Your site doesn’t attract visitors
  • Your site attracts visitors but doesn’t convert visitors to customers
  • You need new business leads
  • People often don’t know what you do, who you are, or that you even exist
  • You’re launching a new product or service or opening a new location
  • You don’t have a website at all
  • You don’t use social-media marketing regularly or at all
  • You don’t keep a blog on your site or keep up with it regularly
A Message from the Owner

MRN Web Designs Services:

At MRN Web Designs, we have redesigned many of our clients websites to be clean, professional, mobile responsive and with a truly stand out design. Check out our redesign page for samples!

As one of the leading web design companies in North Carolina, we take tremendous pride in knowing each project we handle is truly our best work. We build every website from scratch, boost SEO results using innovative technology, and create fresh, compelling content that energizes and excites. MRN Web Designs focuses on what we do best so that you can focus on what you do best: Step away from the daily toil of fiddling with your website or creating a new blog post and direct your attention to the core business objectives that drive bottom-line growth. We think of ourselves not just as a one-time web design company for North Carolina clients, but as a marketing partner that helps your business achieve ever-greater success, year after year.

Our Team

  • Suzanne Jeska

    Suzanne Jeska

    Suzanne is the owner and founder of MRN Web Designs and for over 20 years has helped clients leverage the internet to grow their businesses.
  • Lee Savarese

    Lee Savarese

    Lee is a Lead Project Manager at MRN Web Designs. Lee brings a solid background in Application Development and Systems Engineering to MRN. She manages our development teams & client projects.
  • Raju Verma

    Raju Verma

    Raju Verma is a lead development project manager at MRN working with our developers, designers, server administrators and QA. He oversees projects, designing and developing web architecture, and provides guidance on technical issues.
  • Shelli Tench

    Shelli Tench

    Shelli is our social media marketing director. She works with our clients to brand their business through consistent messaging and posting. She takes the time to understand our client's industry, resulting in postings that are interesting and relevant.
  • Parul Sharma

    Parul Sharma

    Parul is our lead graphic designer, creating and envisioning the beautiful website layouts we have launched and redesigned.
  • Rachel Jeska

    Rachel Jeska

    Rachel is the "R" in MRN Web Designs! She is our Executive Assistant with great people, software, social media, and communication skills. She uses her skills to help our team with anything and everything we need and we are glad to have her!
  • Nicole Jeska

    Nicole Jeska

    Nicole is the "N" in MRN Web Designs! She is a design student at NC State's School of Design studying architecture. Nicole uses her eye for design and layout working on our smaller clients who have WIX or template platform websites.
  • Logan Boilen

    Logan Boilen

    Logan joins us for the summer from James Madison University where he is a Media Arts and Design major. He is helping us with marketing research, social media, graphic design, and more!
  • Christine Shields

    Christine Shields

    Christine is a Business Development and Project Manager at MRN. With her career spanning the banking, insurance, and industrial industries, she brings with her a diversified background of business and client satisfaction experience in these sectors
  • This Could Be You!

    This Could Be You!

    MRN is currently hiring! We are expanding in the Raleigh, NC area. We are looking for WordPress Development and Digital marketing experience. In particular, Google Adwords and SEO!

Everything You Need—Nothing You Don’t

With expertise cultivated over our last thirteen years in business, we rely on a highly consultative methodology that puts you in the driver’s seat—while we do all the work! Using a project-management approach, we follow a carefully refined, well-developed process to walk you through the entire project. You’ll always understand what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what the associated costs are with your project. There are no hidden fees or overblown charges. If it’s determined that the plan needs to be tweaked, we undertake a meticulous, yet efficient, change process that ensures everyone understands what’s happening and why.


Where Business and Technology Come Together

What’s more, the professional web-design and marketing team at MRN Web Designs has extensive business-management experience, so we bring with us much more than just the technical savvy needed to build and maintain highly secure, constantly updated websites. We also have the business-marketing expertise needed to develop and execute highly strategic multifaceted marketing plans. Leveraging our business-marketing insights and technically advanced skillsets, we can power your organization forward, faster than ever before.

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You’re Always Our Top Priority

Whether you’re simply looking for us to manage your social-media presence or you need a soup-to-nuts website redesign and ongoing content marketing services, we will always treat you with the same responsivity, respect, and appreciation. It’s an approach that, combined with our outstanding services, creates some seriously dedicated customers. In fact, we’ve retained over 90% of our clients over the last 13 years, with MRN Web Designs handling not just their initial designs but also ongoing hosting, updating, and content-management services. While it’s certainly not required that you stick with us, we aim to prove that you won’t want to go anywhere for web design and marketing services in North Carolina.
So, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to help your business reach new heights. Contact MRN Web Designs today to discuss your marketing and web-design needs!

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